Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Roots of Gender Violence: Deconstructing Social Norms that Perpetuate Violence Against Women

For my project, I focused on deconstructing the social norms that directly linked to the pervalence of gender violence in the United States.

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CLICK HERE to read my research paper on the topic! 
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  1. Obviously, one joy of teaching IS4444 for me is that I get to learn so much about fields that I have no experience in at all. But every once in a while a project comes around that just reminds me of the kinds of research that I most enjoy doing myself, and this is it! I loved working with you, Kelsey, and this screencast is a great reflection of your precision, your wonderfully cogent communication skills, and your commitment to feminist analysis. Thanks for being in the class!!

  2. Publishing the paper as a Google doc was sort of awesome, but also sort of disorienting for me. I almost wanted to just get in there and edit on there (add comments at the sidebar), but I am aware that it's a public doc, so maybe that's not something that would make you happy? Though it's fun to think of ALL readers jumping in there and adding comments. How cool is that? So mostly, I love that you published this way. Of course you can get the complete rubric from me anytime, but my basic comment is that the paper is wonderful. I think you were wise to set it up in the sections, since you do have to cover so much territory, and that helped keep me on track as you moved from topic to topic. The focus on masculinity works really well to complicate your research and demonstrate the way that patriarchy is not just about what happens to women, but also about what happens to men (and also how that then affects women). The race stuff seems not as fully explored, but it's good that you have a solid start there. I'd love to see you think about working this into a submission for a journal? Sad that you won't be eligible for the Boland Award, since this could have done so well there. But let's have coffee and go through it bit by bit if you decide you want to send it out into the world! Not that it is not Google-Docking itself out in the world right now!! :)