Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Journey of the Not so Healthy Health Major

Hi all so I suppose you want to learn about my capstone project! I have made a screencast giving an overview of what I did!!

I now present to you the Journey of the Not so Healthy Health Major...

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  1. Your screencast gives us such a lovely sense of your warmth, which I can really feel on the blog as well, and I think it's one of the strengths that you bring to your work: your ability to personalize an academic topic and bring nonacademic stakeholders to the table to join you in conversation. There is room here for a few more specifics about the insights that each discipline contributes to your work, but the screencast gives us a very nice overview of your project and your convictions about the interdisciplinary approach.

  2. The paper is solid, and it's very nice that you link the discussions back to specific blog posts, but that would be SO MUCH BETTER if they were hot links! All in all, the research all around feels a little thin, and this feels a but more like a blogging project than an integrated exploration of the multiple facets of "health." But overall, I think it was quite successful at showcasing what your major is all about!