Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An Interactive Exploration to Encourage Scientific Awareness

Scientific communication is the way science-related information is presented to those less experienced in science fields, and how that information is perceived among diverse audiences. The methods used to communicate scientific information to an audience are crucial in assuming the message is understood. Improper understanding of science can be dangerous, while proper understanding leads to more informed and adequate members of society. As we progress through an era that is highly dependent on science and technology, it is vital for everyone to have an equal understanding when it comes to the facts. The demand for scientific professionals is increasing every year as science is being incorporated more and more into our culture. Scientific Communication is an integral field to cultural progress because without using effective communication techniques, the science will not be understood. By itself, science is just that awful class you slept through in high school, but alongside communication it is an interdisciplinary effort to further important understanding. My goal with this project is to not only put together an easy understanding of basic scientific topics, but to pave a road for others to follow with the communication of science. My interactive scientific exploration website called Earth, Wind & Water aims to revolutionize the way we look at science by taking several scientific genres and putting them into the perspective of my personal three favorite sports; rock climbing, sailing, and scuba diving. My hope is that this idea catches on and we are able to delve further into our modern society with open minds of scientific awareness.  [Read the rest of this paper here]

View Earth Wind & Water website here

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  1. Izzy, that screencast is a wonderful example of how this part of the project should work. It's a nice overview of your work, but also a really measured but impassioned plea for the importance of Scientific Communication and interdisciplinary approaches in general. Excellent!