Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NH Adaptive Sports

So I think that everyone pretty much has a good idea of my project by now, but I will outline it again here quickly for y'all. I've been working with professor Buscanich for a while now collecting narratives and qualitative data for a grant that was received to fund this research process. We have been meeting at least once every three weeks to make sure that we are on top of things. After the interviews were transcribed we began our thematic analysis, and I have been working on the abstract this week. We will begin a systematic analysis about the improvement of quality of life and overall what meaning the participation of these adaptive sports holds for these people with life altering disabilities. After the collection of data I will be putting together a research paper and poster outlining out findings and conclusions. I also am going to be putting together a website providing information to people that are looking to participate in these kinds of programs, and where they are available.

Adaptive Skiing

As an art therapist I think that its will be detrimental to the recovery of any and all of my patients to think of things in an interdisciplinary sense. Using art as an outlet of self expression may in some cases not be enough. Especially when working with clients that have certain physical disabilities. I need to be aware of what other programs are out there that can be beneficial for them. Throughout the course of this project my goal will be to provide sufficient data to compel the concerned parties that these programs are indeed beneficial and they should continue to exercise these programs and increase the funding. Hopefully I will leave a lasting impact on this community and am able to step my foot into the door the more non-conventional therapies that are just beginning to make head way in our society.

Also, make sure you check out my super fancy timeline!

Tuesday, March 24
  • Read Chapters 10 & 11 in Repko.  Prepare Study Guide as you go.
  • POST ON BLOG: Go back to your Prospectus blog post.  Add a new comment to your post exploring how the first four steps of the Broad Model will affect your plans
    Abstract for research project due
Thursday, March 26
  • Read Chapter 12 in Repko.  Complete Study Guide for Chapters 10, 11, & 12
    Begin LIT search and Systematic analysis
Tuesday, March 31
  • Bring Study Guide #3 to class in hard copy form.
  • Begin Literature Search.  Create chart with listed disciplines, authors, focus of insight, and evaluation of insight.  Fill in disciplines and authors.  Have 3-4 for each chosen discipline.  Minimum of 3 disciplines, but no maximum! Order texts from ILL if necessary.
     Submit for Senior Showcase
Thursday, April 2
  • Read 2 articles, take notes, and fill in chart.  Bring evidence of notes and chart to class on Tuesday
    Research Paper begin with Rebecca
Tuesday, April 7
  • Test on Study Guide #3.
  • Read 2 more articles, take notes, and fill in chart.  Bring evidence of notes and chart for all 4 texts to class today.
Thursday, April 9
  • Project LIT Search Begin to put website together
Tuesday, April 14
  • Project. LIT Search / Website
Thursday, April 16
  • Project LIT Search/ Website
Tuesday, April 21
  • Project finish LIT Search begin final paper
Thursday, April 23
  • Project final paper/ Website
Tuesday, April 28
  • Project FINISH final paper /website put together ppt
Thursday, April 30
    Project Final touches and edits done on all work – DO Screencast
Tuesday, May 5
  • Bring draft of completed project paper to class.
Thursday, May 7
  • Finish paper revisions and start screencast.

Final Exam is Tuesday, May 12 from 5-6:15pm
  • POST TO BLOG: Post a screencast of your full project PPT and a copy of your full project paper in a single post.  Due by 4pm.
  • You will give a 5 minute version of your PPT at our exam.  Please time yourself to make sure you are no longer or shorter than 5 minutes.


  1. Hi Sonya - I am interested in how you think adaptive sports and art therapy fit together? I am unsure of this after reading your content above. Can you clarify how these pieces might fit together? -Dr. O'Donnell

  2. Ok, I wish there were a better description of the project at the outset... It takes a while for me to try to piece together exactly what you will be doing, and it is still not clear which parts of the work with be for Dr. B's study and which parts will be for this course. In addition, Dr. O'Donnell's question about the link to Art Therapy is a really pressing one. I think I lost track of your own IS major as you talked about this project in class. This is a very tenuous link between your own field and this project, which ultimately will really rob you of the chance to build a portfolio that could help you as you head into your career. Let's get together and talk on Monday or sometime soon after so we can rethink this a bit. I don't think you need to abandon this idea at all, but we need to 1) link it more surely to Art Therapy, both conceptually and in terms of the deliverables that you will produce; and 2) explain more fully what work will be done for this course above and beyond the research project with Dr. B. I will catch up with you in class on Tuesday, but feel free to email me before that if you want and we can chat on Monday if you have time.

  3. throughout the data collection process there have been a number of participants that were asked to include things like poems drawings and any at all art related things that they have found helpful along the way. i've asked professor B about getting my hands on these things, that way i can incorporate them into my project. the main focus of the project end goal will be creating a website that will be beneficial in providing information to those who need it on disability and non-conventional forms of therapies. the research project itself will be separate. does this help? we can talk more in person soon

  4. The first four steps of the broad model are as follows:
    -define the problem or state the research question
    -justify using an interdisciplinary approach
    -identify relevant disciplines
    -conduct a literature search

    in order to look more closely at my issue as it relates to art therapy i was thinking of having possibly two components, do adaptive sports, and do art therapy provide beneficial improvements in quality of life for people with disabilities?
    In order to justify this from an interdisciplinary approach i need to think about my ability to analyze the problem from different approaches. I can justify this because without multiple fields, such as art and psychology, things like art therapy would cease to exist.
    to look at this from an interdisciplinary approach i will need to look at this from multiple perspectives, including: art, psychology, biology, sociology, history, medical/physical therapy, and anthropological points of view.
    During my lit search i'm going to want to make sure i look into all the outlets and fields, not just the one. this may involve looking at different data bases because not one will have everything i need for the different fields.

  5. That does help a bit! I am still worried since there is a lot of detail missing here, but if we talk soon, hopefully we can get it all sorted out! :)