Monday, March 9, 2015

My Introduction

           Hello there!
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My name is John (Jack) Rollins, I am a senior here at Plymouth State University. I began my journey here as a Biology major with a minor in Chemistry. I realized quickly that I had a real interest in the Medical field, especially medicine concerning neurological issues. So I started after that passion and found myself lucky enough to work under Dr. Chabot studying the various effects that different neurotransmitters had upon the brain of the American horseshoe crab.
First Gig!
Outside of school I enjoy everything outdoors, yes even the snow... regardless of the seemingly endless amount we have endured this winter. This includes everything from rock climbing to snowboarding to surfing to camping. I also have a love for the guitar, I have been playing for about 14 years now. This hobby initially started due to my love for the Beatles, and while that sill holds a huge place in my heart, I use guitar time, which mainly uses the right side of my brain, to relax the vastly poor and over used left side of my brain. I also have a love for Hockey! Hockey was my first love, as my mother and my grandfather had me on skates at the age of three. Have you ever seen a three year old on skates??? If you have not, go back and watch the Disney film Bambi; the part where Bambi meets ice.. yep that's what a three-year-old looks like on ice.

To get back on topic, I am switching over to an IS major because I truly feel that it better represents the versatility of the co
urse work that I have earned in three different, but still yet related, fields. I feel as though I would be cheating if I told you what my view on Interdisciplinarity is now, due to the fact that my first class with all of you was during the introduction to chapter 7.... However, to tell you the truth my view on the matter was that of a fool. I was under the impression that an IS degree was purely as major that you design yourself, now be that as it may, I have found that it encompasses so much more than that. So far in just trying to catch up with all of you on coursework and pre-req. coursework I have uncovered a vast new way of thinking; a way that, before, was impossible with the close mindedness that comes with studying too much in one field and only seeing the side of an issue that your major specifically would go about handling that issue.

So that is me a very small and precise nutshell. I am pretty much an open book with more pages yet to be written, so feel free to say hello if you have any questions!


  1. We are so glad you joined up, Jack! I was so skeptical about how you would catch up, but what a pleasure it has been to see your work as it comes in, and to get to know you!

  2. Hi Jack! Glad to see you're here! I'm interested to see what you do in IS 4444, as your intro hits some key points concerning how potentially limiting it can be to have a narrow focus...I look forward to reading more here about your ideas & work! - Dr. O'Donnell