Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Concord Institute of Global Education: Intensive Summer Program

Million International Students by 2024
Million International Students by 2024 More
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About Project
My Interdisciplinary capstone project involves creating a plan to establish a global educational company that is focused on cultural understanding by providing language studies and experiences for students from Asia.  My previous teaching experience and connections with parents and educators from South Korea has enabled me to bring Korean students to the United States in the past years.  For these reasons, I intend to specify a company with programs and services which match the goals and objectives of these students and families.  This educational company’s mission, purpose, curricula, and services will be first constructed to demonstrate my knowledge and entrepreneurship, enabling me to build upon business elements.  Especially, one curriculum that I will closely focus on for Korean families’ will be a summer program.  I will customize this project with options and procedures that I will gain personal knowledge as well as strengthen my business acumen.
Korean Students: Living & Learning in America
Korean Students: Living & Learning in America More
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How the project will be delivered
The educational company, a specialized summer program for international students to gain cultural understanding, language learning and building experiences, will be introduced on my company’s website.  This website will be the delivered product for this project.  The summer program will be detailed here.  The information will be shown in part of new company’s web page.  All the necessitated compartments for this project including literature search, research paper, and web page will be organized in Project PPC Screencast.

Basis in Interdisciplinary Theory

The project will conduct outcomes through utilizing the Instrumental Interdisciplinary concepts and the Inductive Approach, and applying the Perspective Taking theory.  Establishing a multicultural educational program targeted for students who are learning English as second language and experiencing western culture demands various knowledge and intellectual understanding from several disciplines to extend the best ideas.  The Instrumental Interdisciplinary perspective pursues to collect information from relevant disciplines that amplifies the knowledge and incorporates it in creating formative outcomes to solve the problem.   Creating common ground through examining different disciplines and seeking usable sources from each epistemology enhance to gain comprehensive understanding for me to build foundation for the project. 

Along with the Instrumental Interdisciplinary method, I plan to apply the Inductive Approach while I research my summer program.  Disciplines that are inter-related for building my project will be contributed with specific survey results and data that I will observe during my research task.  Each observation of phenomenon will enable me to find the pattern and will enhance me to construct the best theory that satisfies the purpose and goals for the company.

The Perspective Taking Theory will lead me to effectively interrogate disciplines that I chose for creating this project and enable to utilize different views of understanding from each perspective.  Gained knowledge and enriched understanding from disciplines will be interwoven into a multiple-perspective.
Integrative Design & Public Interest Research
Integrative Design & Public Interest Research More
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Interdisciplinary Research

The project will require me to integrate the intellectual knowledge from several disciplines, TESOL, Education, Business, and Cultural Studies.  Each discipline will contribute specific knowledge and principles to view the educational program in different dimension and to complete multifaceted project effectively.

  1. TESOL education will guide to utilize adequate strategies and give specialized methods to practice on linguistically diverse children.  I will seek best practices to accommodate their adjustment and engagement in English.
  2. Examining cultural studies will empower me to understand differences in educational values and perspectives between Asians and Americans.  This understanding will enhance the design of my curriculum for international students who may have been brought up with different educational philosophies and methods.   
  3. Epistemology in education will provide me areas to highlight in the curriculum and activities, as well as filed trip options that are in appropriate for students.  The perspective of this discipline will lead me to find age appropriate curriculum and, in general, to direct the students to be competent with others.
  4. Finally, gaining business knowledge will enhance my various strategies of presenting the company, including advertising and creating webpages.  Examining marketing principles for my business model will allow me to acknowledge my company’s customers’ expectations, and it will help me identify collaborators which may positively extend to cooperate with my program, as well as the competitors and any context that might interfere with the growth of my business.

Time line


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

March 24 &26

Literature research on Education




March 31 & April 2

Literature research on TESOL




April 7 & 9

Literature research on Culture Studies




April 14 & 16

Literature research on Business

Project Paper



April 21 & 23


Project Paper

Project in Action

(Constructing web page)


April 28 & 30


Project Paper


Project in Action

(Constructing web page)

Project PPT Screencast – starting power point design

May 5 & 7


Project Paper


Project in Action

(Constructing web page)

Project PPT Screencast

May 11




Project PPT Screencast



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  2. I love that you are doing something so empowering with your capstone project! I cannot wait to heart the outcome of your summer program! I was just curious are you going to be starting up the camp or is it just a wonderfully awesome plan?

  3. HI Sohye! It's wonderful to read more about your ideas here on the blog. I was wondering who exactly your target audience is for this project? Are you thinking about this for families that plan to relocate, or send their children abroad for education, or some other target? -Dr. O'Donnell

    1. Hello Dr. O'Donnell,
      Thank you for your interest and for asking an important question. My target audience will be the future customers and partners (parents,guardians and educators) who are interested to send their chilren abroad to my international program.

  4. Looks great! I think you may want to be more specific about the fact that (I think) your program would serve Asian (or particularly, Korean) students who are studying in the US...is that correct? A clearer articulation on that will help. Also, I think the discipline of "Cultural Studies" may be less appropriate for your goals than "Ethnic Studies" (which might look at how race and ethnicity are affected by schooling and vice versa), "Anthropology" (cross-cultural comparisons of institutions like schools), or even just a component of Education. "Cultural Studies" tends to point more towards power imbalances than on cultural understanding. So if you find that materials from that field are less useful to your aims, try coming through Education and TESOL and you should find more materials that work with your goals. But all of this looks really good! I think the project will really position you to step into your future after graduation, so I am excited that you have chosen to get a head start on your career goals!