Thursday, February 5, 2015

Health Field Interdisciplinarity

Daily, health care professionals up and down the spectrum are working together to obtain one common goal, effective patient care. They only way this can happen is if every health team member has good communication, verbal and written, and has the same best interest for the patient in mind. This interdisciplinarity in the health care field is very important and brings a lot more members into the picture then you think about. 

A lot of the time patients are overwhelmed with information, but most of the time the information is already taught to them by someone else. The health care team needs to work better together to teach the patient together. This article makes a good point in saying that it all starts with the nurse.  More often then not, the nurse is mostly always by the patients side and needs to understand what part of the health care team should be teaching what to the patient.
Physicians - help patients understand the health care problem and treatment plan
Physical Therapist - teach patients and families about mobility and functional activities
Occupational Therapist - how to be independent, ADL
Dietitians - teach patients about therapeutic diets, asses usual dietary patterns and talks to patient about how to achieve good health
Pharmacists - teach patients how drugs work and interact with other drugs and food
Social Workers - coordinate referrals to maintain emotional support 

As the nurse knowing all of this, they need to be able to understand all the instruction/care given to the patient and be able to re-enforce every aspect of it. Nurses have a big role in making sure the patient is following the instructions from every health care professional and making sure the patient understands what they need to do and have an idea why. Nurses are known as the "eyes and ears" of this interdisciplinary team. They share information to the team about the patient and make adjustments to the goals if needed. 

The interdisipinarity among the health care professionals I believe is very important in patient care. Without one part of the team, the patients care could be comprised because no one else is properly educated in that part of the recovery or treatment process. I never really saw this before, but the nurses are the people who bring it all together for the patient and play a very important role. 
This article was very intriguing to me because it showed that no matter what is wrong with you, if you are  injured, have cancer, pregnant or just had surgery, a team of health care professionals are working together to ensure you the best possible care.  
Some questions that came to me while reading this are, what happens when there isn't good communication between health care professionals? How bad could it turn out? Could it cost you your life? Would it be the same without nurses? 

Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Patient Education


  1. Very nice! It might be good to start by introducing the article, since it's kind of just tacked on at the end and I wasn't totally clear that you were responding to something you had read. But the ideas here are fantastic, and I just love rethinking the nurse as the integrating figure who helps bring all of these perspectives together!

  2. this is just like what i did my post on and i totally agree! our health care professionals need to work on having better communication across disciplines. one aspect of health care that i failed to consider in my reflection was social workers. i took a social work class last semester and its crazy just how integrated they can be in some of their cases. they are some of the most multidisciplinary professionals in health care cases because that absolutely is not their profession. they need to be able to rely on other individuals, but have a little base knowledge to be advocating for the best interest of their client. i like the comment you made about the nurses being the eyes and ears of the patients care. that's an awesome way to look at it and they are often undervalued and under appreciated. health care systems are on the right path. but i think we could agree that working better at being a more multidisciplines field would benefit both the doctor and the patient.

  3. Great post! I think that nurses deserve more recognition in the medical field because of how much they need to know. As you said in your post nurses need to share information from multiple disciplines. They need to be able to explain to this information to the patients they are helping.

    I also think that communication is key when it comes to health care professionals. If each discipline does not communicate with one another, it can jeopardize the patient they are treating. I would much rather have multiple disciplines working with me to ensure that I am getting the best treatment!

  4. I'm looking into the medical technology field so this is all super interesting and informative to me, having come from zero health related knowledge. It's funny, because this morning I got a message from my doctor's office about a blood test from last week. I called them back and it took 12 MINUTES for the whole practice to figure out who had called me.

  5. (Cont.- I'm using the blogr app and it hates me) Anyway, after transferring between 5 people multiple times, it was the NURSE who figured it all out. So I'm much more appreciative of nurses now, and had a real life experience of how important communication is with health!