Thursday, February 26, 2015

Applying Science to STUFF to Make it More Fun!

I’m starting to get more excited about my project even though it still gives me a bit of anxiety. I mean, I’m going to be married to this project for the next three months so I have to love it or I will be miserable. You were all super helpful in class and made me feel better so I thank you!! But yeah, I just dream of making an impact with whatever I do; I want it to be important.

I think this project will conclude my time here at PSU pretty well. With my major being Scientific Communication, it’s really important to me that people understand science. Science is something that is really hard to understand in the first place, let alone when a scientist is trying to tell you about it. They don’t know how to make it simple enough for others to understand so I want to be that in-between person. I want people to understand science and love it as much as I do, because it’s so important!

For the project, I’m envisioning an interactive animated version of those “How Stuff Works” books in the form of a website. The different “stuff” will be activities that I am already knowledgeable about such as climbing, scuba diving and sailing (those might actually be the three I focus on but who knows). When someone clicks on one of these things it will come up with a picture of this activity happening and different points on the picture will be clickable to learn more about the science behind it. For example, with scuba you could click on the air tank and it would talk about Boyle’s law, or you could click on the diver and it will talk about buoyancy, or you click on the plant and it talks about light and sound, or on the water and it talks about ocean currents. SCUBA IS SO SCIENTIFIC. I love it. Ok, nerding out.

Anyway, I have a ton of resources with all of these subjects. I will be diving before this project is over and the ice is out of the lake, I’ll be climbing as soon as the snow melts, and I’ll take the sailboat out as soon as I wouldn't die falling in. I’m big on photography and video (I have a DSLR and a GoPro) so footage won’t be a problem. Oh, and my dad is a website designer so I think he will be a great resource and maybe he could even be my adviser if that’s okay.

My goal is to trick people into learning science in a fun way. So if you have any ideas or advice or anything let me know! Starting to get more excited!

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  1. And now you have ME so excited for this project!! [Note-- is this just an extra blog? the free write that's due is due to Moodle, so if this is that, make sure you copy it into Moodle to get credit.] I think your topic is getting nicely focused, and your enthusiasm is bound to make the final results really engaging. :)