Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Who I Am

Blind Bear
My name is Christine Whitman and I am currently attending Plymouth State University for Interdisciplinary Studies. With this major I wish to concentrate on therapeutic art using a few different fields. I have always had a strong love for art along with the desire to help those around me. When I found out that you could attend school for Art Therapy, I knew what direction I needed to head in.
I found Art Therapy when I was attending school for nursing. As I sat in my art class for one of my general education classes, I began to realize how much I missed the feeling of charcoal between my fingers tips and the paper that allowed my hand to glide across it as I left black tracks along the untouched surface. I needed this back in my life, but I did not want to leave behind the world I had become accustomed to, so I swallowed my feelings and kept it as a hobby that I barely had time for. Thankfully, art found its way back to me.
My next semester at my old school began and I started taking a computer course (another general education requirement). The teacher told us that we would be researching something that interested us, but something we have never learned about before. Our options were endless, and as I searched around the internet, I found it....ART THERAPY! Instantly I was captivated; I wanted to learn everything I could about this new field that I had never quite heard of before. As I skimmed through the multiple pages I had up, I could feel it almost calling to me. This is what I am meant to do.
That's when I began applying to PSU; my school did not have anything for this major and I ached for it. I discovered that most schools did not have anything that could help me get a step closer but Plymouth State University offered something that really intrigued me; Interdisciplinary Studies. I could do whatever I wanted; create something from nothing, like a piece of art. Nothing could make me more excited and motivated. When I got my acceptance letter, I filled with overwhelming joy.

My program includes Psychology, Art Education, Art, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Anthropology; I chose these because I believe they all blend well together when going into a field that involves many types of people with all kinds of backgrounds. Interdisciplinary Studies is something that I believe is important for all students who attend school. It gives people the chance to learn something from a new perspective and to break out of the tunnel vision that is created when entering a specific and focused discipline.

I created the image above the summer before I came to Plymouth. The reason I am using it to represent me is because it is a blind gesture drawing, meaning, I did not look at my paper, no did I lift my pen as I drew it. I am going into this program "blind," but I will not leave my course. I will stick to it, even when things become challenging, because in the end, after all of the chaos and confusion, I can create a masterpiece. 


  1. So excited to have you back in class! I feel lucky!

  2. Christine, I am so excited you are following the Art Therapy field! We have had some great discussions!

  3. Great topic, and it seems you may benefit from other IS majors doing similar programs. It can truly be an interdisciplinary topic, and I hope your work benefits from that perspective.