Thursday, January 29, 2015

This is me!

Hey everyone! My name is Kelley Collins and this is my last semester here at Plymouth as an undergrad student! I come from a little town in northern New Hampshire where sports and family are a really big part of my life. When I was applying to schools my senior year, I applied all over New England, Florida and the Carolina's for various majors (different health fields & teaching). After sitting down and talking to my parents we decided that the best option would be to save some money and get some general classes out of the way instead of spending money on something I wasn't 100% sure of. I ended up attending a community college in Concord where I could be 2 hours away from home, take general classes to figure out what I wanted to do and continue to play sports. After 2 years I graduated with my Associates Degree and I think finally figured out what I wanted to do!

NHTI WBB takes on NYC!!

NHTI WBB @ National Conference

With my love for sports, I decided I wanted to be around it for a little while longer and that becoming an Athletic Trainer would allow me to do that! I applied to Plymouth and then my journey here began! Talking to my advisor and coming in with so many credits we decided that either way I was going to be here for three and a half years so why not try to get my Masters. Together, we build an IS program called Pre-Physical Therapy where I would take Athletic Training classes, Physical Education classes and Biology classes that would all help me to get into the Entry Level Athletic Training program here at PSU. (It worked, I got in!!)


House Manager of Delta Zeta

2 lobsters down! 
This IS program opened my eyes to many different areas, especially some of the biology and physical education classes. I took Neurobiology, which was probably the hardest class I have ever taken, where we had to do a Field Study. In this Field Study we had to make up our own experiment with amines and animals, my group did how different amines effected the locomotion of lobsters. Sadly, they all died and we had to change it, but it was hard work and opened my eyes to a whole new occupational area. Another class I took was Exercise Physiology where we learned exactly how the body works in different conditions while training. I absolutely loved it and it is honestly why I am staying in the Athletic Training field.

Interdisciplinary studies I believe is a great opportunity because you can put many interest together. In the end you may end up down one path, but this way it opens so many more doors with all your different experiences. 

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  1. I love how the images here really make your story come alive. So much personality! Looking forward to the semester with you!