Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hi Guys!
My name is Sonya MacMillan, a little background on me, i'm from Nashua NH originally, but moved right out of the dirty city up here to the beautiful mountains right after freshman my year here at PSU. I'm on the PSU cheerleading team, but have been a gymnast my entire life, I absolutely love and respect the hell out of this sport and it has been my passion for a long time. I'm an only child to two beautiful and loving parents, whom are high school sweethearts. Something you don't see a lot nowadays and i think its inspiring. I have a beautiful cat, Mark at home who is pushing 20 years old. He's a beast and my baby.
My mom has always been my inspiration she's an amazing person, and also where I get my artistic roots from. She's an art and photography teacher and Hollis Brookline High School, and has always pushed me to be creative and nurtured my love for art. Upon coming to PSU I was declared BFA, but quickly switched to undeclared after lots of criticism for being an art major. Psychology peaked my interest my first year here, and so didn't anatomy and physiology. I took these courses as electives, everyone thought that I was crazy, but I actually did extremely well in these classes, ones that students tend to struggle with. I couldn't tell you how I first heard about interdisciplinary studies, but it wasn't long before I set up a meeting with Linda Levy to begin to hash out the details.
For me interdisciplinary studies is a way for me to hold on to something that I love, Art, while also incorporating a more challenging and intriguing field, Psychology. I'm actually doing a thematic degree so I have a third major piece thrown in there as well, Health. The health aspect for me is mostly mental health and well-being courses. Something that I hold close to my heart coming from a family that has a history of alcoholism and substance abuse. It was an easy decision to incorporate this field because over time I had accumulated a lot of those relevant courses just from taking courses that appealed to me.
In the end interdisciplinary degree for me has become just a stepping stone into something bigger. I want to apply to Lesly in Cambridge, MA and pursue a graduate degree as a licensed and certified art therapist. For me interdisciplinary is really the only way that I could get everything I needed to be equipped to pursue a higher education without leaving the comfort of PSU. I truly love this school and the community and couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I'm actually very nervous to be going to school in a city like Cambridge. I've attached a short video about what art therapy is, its still a growing field and relatively new, a lot of people give me a curious look and begin with a slew of questions when I tell them my major.


  1. So exciting to hear about your plans! Great work figuring out the blog, and getting the video embedded up there. You asked me about citing the video, but you don't need to cite it because readers can just click the YouTube link and get right to the actual video source, so you are all set. Looking forward to the semester with you, Sonya!

  2. You have a really great interdisciplinary topic to pursue, and your personal connections to the work make the plan all the more worthwhile. I hope your interdisciplinary studies will set you up well to achieve your goal of advanced study, and I think they will given all the explicit planning you'll have to do to understand and design your own program. Good luck!