Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Hi! I’m Iveta and I’m from Slovakia. I came to Plymouth State as an exchange student from Middlesex University in London, UK. As an exchange student, I really enjoyed my stay here and I met so many wonderful people. I really liked the small class environment in Plymouth and the friendly atmosphere. Therefore, I decided to transfer to PSU. The only thing I didn’t really like is that the courses at Plymouth State focus mainly on domestic issues and it doesn’t satisfy my interest in the global world. For this reason, I decided to take the interdisciplinary path.

My major is called International Studies. I combine Political Science, Tourism Management and Policy, Spanish, and Geography. I am also doing a minor in Peace and Social Justice Studies, which is also interdisciplinary. Though the Interdisciplinary Studies, I will be able to integrate theoretical knowledge about broad global processes. It will help me to prepare for the variety of jobs and I will become well equipped to work anywhere in the world. My strong passion for traveling and experiencing living in different countries requires interdisciplinary major that will help me to achieve my career goals. This Interdisciplinary Studies major will be also a great foundation for my further graduate study.

I think that interdisciplinarity is about being able to pick the right components in order to achieve the right result. It has to be well thought out and it has to have a main idea. I think that Interdisciplinary Studies major is still underestimated and this field is not taken as seriously as it should. This is a problem that needs to be changed because this major is the future. Sooner or later people will be forced starting to broaden their scopes of interests and disciplines. The new era will require development of new interdisciplinary fields. I think Interdisciplinary Studies major is very beneficial and it has its uniqueness. I love the idea of freedom I have with this major and that I can do something exclusive which differs me from students who take regular majors offered at PSU. Interdisciplinary Studies major will become more and more common and I am glad it is offered at Plymouth State University.

Photo by Iveta Stefancova

I am little obsessed with traveling. I need to explore and visit as many places as possible. It is my life mission. I have traveled to 22 countries so far and I hope the number will drastically increase very soon.

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  1. I love your reflections on interdisciplinarity here, and I am very excited to learn more about your program, which sounds marvelous.

  2. NIce intro, and I really appreciate that you have created a program to get what you want out of your educational experience. Hopefully your work will help PSU become a little less domestically focused!

  3. Ahhh you have been to so many countries! I hope you know how lucky you are! My dream in life is to see the pretty and ugly of the whole world, I have to. Keep it up!