Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hi Friends!

Hi guys, my name is Chelsea Merritt! I came to Plymouth in the Fall 2011 as a Musical Theatre Major. I've been performing since I was in the fourth grade, so making the choice to go to college and pursue performing arts was a no brainier to first.

My first semester at Plymouth was nothing short of a dream come true. I loved the people in my department, the campus was amazing, and most of the classes I was taking were for music, theatre, and dance. I was in heaven. Things only got better when at the end of my first semester I was cast in my first musical here (as a supporting role) which is usually pretty rare. The experience of my first show in college was enthralling, and I couldn't wait to come back and do it again in the fall! But first, we had to audition. Unfortunately, I wasn't as lucky as the first time, and I wasn't cast at all.

Or the semester after that.

Or the semester after that one either...

So for a year and a half of working towards my degree in performing, I didn't step foot on the stage once. Obviously, that was pretty devastating for me. It took the fun and passion out of what I had once loved to do, I was unhappy and withdrawn in my classes, and it became very clear that I needed to make a change. I talked to a friend of mine who also used to be a theatre major who had recently switched to IS, and when she described the program to me something just clicked. I knew I wanted to be involved in the IS program, but I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to do.

That summer, I participated in our New Student Orientation as an OL, and had an absolute blast. I loved getting to meet new people, and loved the satisfaction of knowing I was helping my peers around me. It was during this time that I got the idea for what my IS Contract would be. I met with Christina Schaefer in UGS that summer, enrolled in IS 2222, and began my journey through the IS program.

Almost two years later, and here I am starting the capstone course for my IS degree. I can hardly believe it! My contract focuses on working with children with special needs through the outlets of music, theatre, and dance. Upon completing my undergrad, I hope to begin working toward my Masters Degree in Elementary Education here at PSU :)

Can't wait to meet you all!!



  1. So fun to see these pics. And I am not surprised that you are an amazing writer!

  2. It's great that your first semester here went so well.. my first whole year was horrendous! Haha, and I'm glad that even though things went downhill you found your niche in IS!