Thursday, January 29, 2015


My name is Sohye Park.

Education and Family have been the most important components in my life.  I grew up in competitive environment, South Korea, and ever since I was a child, I learned the value of a good education.  Plymouth State University satisfies my personal goal.  I have worked with children since I graduated my college.  For being a teacher, the administration degree that I earned from South Korea many years ago seemed unnecessary and useless for my career until I found interdisciplinary studies.

My Interdisciplinary Studies program, titled Early Childhood Administration, is a combination of Early Childhood Studies and Business Management.  I selected to blend these majors because I strongly believe a quality education program for young children requires a well-educated administrator who utilizes business skills and who has a deep understanding of early childhood pedagogy.  I have chosen core studies that will lead me to become a knowledgeable educational leader.   

To me, Interdisciplinary Studies means educating an individual with a broad knowledge to be able to overview the work.  For example, a good teacher who lectures the subject with various information including a deep understanding of the subject and his/her personnel life experience that connects to the study, not only limited to the content of the textbook.  For my case of study, even if I was trained to be a nurturing teacher who actively interacts with the children and parents, having an understanding of well-organized business structures, effective marketing strategies and financial flows in small business are further important aspects for me to be a successful director of the early childhood program.  This is why I am pursuing my interdisciplinary program.

 I am excited to see how my interdisciplinary studies stand as a unique discipline with other studies that are formally offered from PSU.   I am excited to learn more about how I can create and lead a modern and progressive education facility for young learners.

I feel our group of IS 4444 has their own vision and belief toward their studies and following future.  The role of Interdisciplinary Studies is to create an environment where students can pursue a customized degree in higher education which follows their personal vision and life goals.  Their academic plan and the process are guided by a network of caring faculty and peers.
I am excited to be one of them!

 This is a Joshua tree in the Mohave Desert, the most unique tree I ever seen in my life.  It seems to have strong sustainability to live in this extremely windy area.  I sometimes feel that I am like this tree in that I can also survive despite challenges.


  1. I just love the idea that our education administrators should be focused first and foremost on the pedagogical issues that affect student success. What a wonderful program!

  2. Great interdisciplinary topic, and personally as a teacher I love the focus!